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Filter Effects With Photoshop

I'm using a smiley face smile.gif (241 bytes) image I found at Smiley Faces (Thank you, Nikki!) to show some of the many effects you can get with Photoshop filters. I only used about a third of the filters, and only one option from each filter. Remember  that many Photoshop effects are achieved using a combination of filters and actions.

If that isn't enough variety for you, there are a whole lot of plug-in filters that you can buy, or get through freeware or shareware!

I hope this gives you some idea of the interesting things you can do with Photoshop.

1smileyface.GIF (778 bytes)

The Original

neonglow.gif (2698 bytes)

Neon Glow (Artistic)

1plasticwrap.gif (10125 bytes)

Plastic Wrap (Artistic)

1sponge.gif (3531 bytes)

Sponge (Artistic)

3gaussianblur.GIF (2690 bytes)

Gaussian Blur (Blur)

1splatter.GIF (843 bytes)

Spatter (Brush Strokes)

1sumi-e.GIF (2598 bytes)

Sumi-e (Brush Strokes)

1diffuseglow.GIF (3049 bytes)

Diffuse Glow (Distort)

1glass.GIF (1176 bytes)

Glass (Distort)

1polarcoordinates.GIF (2711 bytes)

Polar Coordinates (Distort)

1twirl.GIF (2546 bytes)

Twirl (Distort)

1wave.GIF (2524 bytes)

Wave (Distort)

1zigzag.GIF (2413 bytes)

Zig Zag (Distort)

1addnoise.GIF (18612 bytes)

Add Noise (Noise)

1mosaic.GIF (1997 bytes)

Mosaic (Pixelate)

1pointillize.GIF (6951 bytes)

Pointillize (Pixelate)

1differenceclouds.GIF (12864 bytes)

Difference Clouds (Render)

1lensflare.GIF (2243 bytes)

Lens Flare (Render)

1lightingeffectsspotlight.GIF (3010 bytes)

Lighting Effects(Render)

1basrelief.GIF (12846 bytes)

Bas Relief (Sketch)

1chrome.GIF (8020 bytes)

Chrome (Sketch)

1contecrayone.GIF (7106 bytes)

Conte Crayon (Sketch)

1notepaper.GIF (19436 bytes)

Note Paper (Sketch)

1photocopy.GIF (1504 bytes)

Photocopy (Sketch)

1plaster.GIF (13190 bytes)

Plaster (Sketch)

1reticulation.GIF (26441 bytes)

Reticulation (Sketch)

1stamp.GIF (1002 bytes)

Stamp (Sketch)

1emboss.GIF (1073 bytes)

Emboss (Stylize)

1extrude.GIF (3829 bytes)

Extrude (Stylize)

1flattenedges.GIF (998 bytes)

Find Edges (Stylize)

1glowingedges.GIF (1048 bytes)

Glowing Edges (Stylize)

1tiles.GIF (1072 bytes)

Tiles (Stylize)

1showcontours.GIF (929 bytes)

Trace Contour(Stylize)

1wind.GIF (623 bytes)

Wind (Stylize)

1craquelure.GIF (4167 bytes)

Craquelure (Texture)

1mosaictiles.GIF (2615 bytes)

Mosaic (Texture)

1patchwork.GIF (3301 bytes)

Patchwork (Texture)

1stainedglass.GIF (6160 bytes)

Stained Glass (Texture)

Did you know Mike Jittlov invented the Smiley Face?

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