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Fun With Photoshop by Stephanie Mortimer

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A Photoshop Example: "Carp at Dragon's Gate"


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This is a brief overview of Photoshop and its features. I've included some examples of my first experiments. There is also a page of links.

What is Photoshop?

Although the program has "photo" in its name, it is a painting program as well as an image editing program. You can retouch photographs, edit a wide variety of image formats, and do original artwork using the different tools. Adobe Photoshop is a software standard used by professionals, but some people use it just for fun. Some of the things you can do:

  • Photo collages
  • Original artwork
  • Edit photographs
  •     Correct minor flaws.
  •     Combine parts of photos to make "trick" photographs.
  •     Use filters and editing tools to add elements to the photo that weren't there before.
  •     Make a photograph look as if it was done in another media, like oilpaint or mosaic.
  • Change just about every aspect of an image: color, size, proportion, tone, translucency -- you'll be amazed! The filters command their own universe.

Photoshop is a raster, or bitmap, program rather than a vector graphics program. What this means is that images are manipulated  pixel-by-pixel, rather than through a vector program that describes graphics according to mathematical characteristics like shape and size. Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics program.

Because of the multiple functions that are built into the program, it can be rather intimidating at first. The basic program comes with the software, a "Getting Started Guide", a User Guide, a built-in "Help" system, a CD-Rom with tutorials, and a quick reference card. Adobe also offers on-line services through their web site, where you can also get trial versions of their software to try out.

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Note on title graphic. This image is a composite of images from Microsoft Office 2000 and Broderbund's "PrintMaster 8.0 which were manipulated in Photoshop 5.5.

There is a Chinese legend that a carp who ascends the Ryumon waterfall will become a dragon.