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Harry Richard Meyer and Stephanie Mortimer were married in San Diego on July 14th, 2000, at approximately 330pm. This was the anniversary of the day they met at Walkabout, and the day, several years later, when they moved in together.
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Honoring Harry's wishes that he wanted to be married, not get married, it was a simple civil ceremony


Last Minute Preparations:
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Washing the car



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   Ironing the wedding           dress 

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Harry was more organized, so he didn't have any last minute preparations....



The Ceremony:
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Discussing the vows. We asked that the term "obey" be deleted.


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    Official Gloria Goodrich read the vows.

That's Stephanie's father, Fred Mortimer, in the        background. We hope to have  more pictures of our        guests here in the future.



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It's done!


Our thanks to those who encouraged our plans and gave us their blessings. We're sorry that everyone could not have been there, but I hope that this web page will share a little of the experience with those who were not able to attend.

Stephanie and Harry Meyer